flowingmusicWe provide group instruction for adults and children… here are the current offerings:

Starting October 25th!

Meet the Ukulele: Getting Started on the Best Little Instrument on the Planet. Adult Ed Class

Ever wanted to play a musical instrument? Already play a bit and looking to grow as a musician? The ukulele is for you! It’s not just for Hawaiian music anymore… you can play just about any style of music you can think of. There’s been a huge growth in interest in the instrument over the last few years… now’s your chance to join in the fun!

The ukulele is the easiest string instrument to learn, has a mellow sound, is easy to carry with you and is affordable. We’ll learn chords and melody playing, and along the way learn a bit about music theory and basic note reading. By the end of the class, you’ll be able to make music on your own!

No previous experience is necessary. We’ll have ukuleles you can borrow for the class sessions, and a variety of instruments available for purchase if you decide you just can’t live without a uke of your very own.

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Instructors: Matt Lyon & Christine Dickinson